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Our mixed up lives

In our self-centeredness we do not seek to live life as our creator God intended.  We turn our back on God and seek to do things our way.    We put other things before God such as building wealth, developing careers, accumulating knowledge, travel, sport, the pursuit of happiness, romance, families, fame and power.  [Note: These things are not necessarily bad things, except when we put them before God].  Daily we disobey God through such things as dishonesty, boasting, greed, swearing, and gossiping (to name a few).

The Bible tells us that God hates sin and is saddened by it.  Sin is essentially doing things our way instead of God's way.  (Isaiah 53v6). That is, seeking to please and glorify ourselves instead of God. According to the Bible everyone has sinned (Romans 3v23).

Because of our sin the world is in a mess.
Because of our sin we are spiritually dead and separated from God.
Because of our sin we can not live as God intended.
Because of our sin we deserve to be punished by God.

The Bible tells us that "everyone must die once, and after that be judged by God" (Hebrew's 9v27).   Before a holy and righteous God we are responsible for every sin that we have ever committed.  As God is good and just he must punish us for our sins.  Sadly, most people don't even realise just what a dangerous position they are in.

The Good News of the Gospel is that God has a rescue plan.
A plan which will enable you to live as God intended.

Click to read:  God's Rescue Plan

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