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Priority Challenge

The meaning of Life                       

Our priorities
Most people focus their lives on fulfilling their personal goals and ambitions. Our priorities tend to be on things like- pursuing happiness, romance, money, sport, travel, careers, accumulating knowledge, families, fame and power and the like.  These can all be good things, but should they be the focus of our lives ?   Should we be deriving the meaning of our lives from such things ?

God's priorities
To understand the meaning of life we need to understand something about our creator  God and his intentions for our lives.

God is awesome:   God created the world and everything in it; He is present everywhere and observes everything; compared to Him the might of the nations are like a 'drop in the bucket';  He is so awesome that we can not comprehend his greatness.   God is so awesome that we should praise and honour him.

God's plan for us:  God wants a relationship with each of us.  God has given us instructions on the best way to live, and God wants us to love and obey Him.

This is what we were created for - to glorify God, and to live in a relationship with God forever.   This is the intended meaning of life.

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