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5 Bay Street, Rockdale NSW 2216  Australia

Our Mission

We've been called by God to help each other to:

  • learn about Jesus

  • love like Jesus

  • live for Jesus

  • lean into Jesus and lead others to Jesus


About Us

In addition to normal Sunday services, we seek to minister to:

  • children and their parents and guardians through Playtime.

  • people who are new speakers of English through English Conversation classes.

We also:

  • support the Kogarah Storehouse food pantry to help those who are destitute.

  • co-operate with other churches in the district to provide a Religious Education teacher at James Cook Boys High School and Moorefield Girls High School.

  • provide “Christianity Explained” courses for those seeking a faith to live by.

  • give about $14,000 per year to hospital chaplaincies, growing youth ministries and encouraging migrant ethnic congregations across NSW, and to supporting people serving overseas with Uniting Church World Mission. 

  • and contribute to the Bible Society, Christmas Bowl Appeal, Wesley Mission Children's Services, and Karen refugees on the Thai-Burma border.

And we have a good time doing it.

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